Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement brings clear benefits to any organization. Engaged employees demonstrate belief in the organization, a desire to work to make things better, an understanding of the business context and the ‘bigger’ picture, respect for colleagues, willingness to go the ‘extra mile’, and the desire to keep up to date with developments in the field. Disengaged employees may demonstrate the opposite. Time, effort, commitment and investment are required to raise and maintain engagement levels.

At the heart of Ascentum’s employee engagement methodology is a deep appreciation for informed participation and the conviction that people must be at the centre of an employee engagement process. Informed participation is an enriched knowledge gathering process. It taps into people’s collective experience, values, knowledge and common sense by providing them with an opportunity to consider multiple facets and implications of a given issue.

We value informed participation for its inclusiveness, its far-reaching applications, the quality of its results and, most importantly, for the sustainability it brings to our clients’ decisions.

Employee Engagement Service Offerings

Ascentum’s full range of employee engagement skills and services can be integrated to provide a customized engagement approach that meets your specific needs. These include:

Strategy and Planning

In Person


Reporting and Analysis