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Ascentum is hiring a Social Media Developer! Does this sound like you?
Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Ascentum is an innovative professional services firm, recognized as a Canadian leader in the field of public involvement, and we are recruiting for a full-time Social Media Developer.

Ascentum employs a variety of integrated online, social media and in-person tools, techniques and technologies to apply their philosophy of informed participation to public involvement. Through our flexible, comprehensive approach to knowledge-gathering, we aim to enrich public involvement and reveal the ideas, perspectives and values that empower our clients to make sustainable decisions on complex issues.

If you are the ideal candidate, you have a structured approach to problem solving and creative mind.  You are also able to work with Web-based technology, interpret technical documentation, develop creative client solutions, and consistently deliver exceptionally high quality work.  You are a strong team player, but are also a results-oriented self-starter, capable of demonstrating initiative and working independently. You enjoy the variety and the opportunity to continuously expand your skill and knowledge base offered by project-oriented work. Finally, you passionately believe in the importance of giving people a voice in decisions that affect them.

The full job description is available here.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you…!

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