Ascentum @ IAP2-North America
Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

We were quite excited to learn this week that Joseph Peters will be presenting at the upcoming IAP2-North America conference, Sept. 30-Oct.2 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He will be sharing our experience working on the successful Our Health Our Future project (a national dialogue on childhood obesity).

Joe’s presentation will be one of 29, voted on by 150 people from 58 proposed sessions.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Halifax!

From the conference program:

Public participation is evolving, with technological advancements, with new delivery channels, and broad, affordable access to participants. Imagine a dynamic initiative that in one week is engaging Aboriginal communities in the Arctic, youth on Facebook, stakeholder organizations online. Imagine that the week before events were in Vancouver with caregivers, and health professionals in Montreal. Imagine no more. Instead learn all about it, through an interactive presentation. This was the Our Health, Our Future
initiative on childhood obesity.

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