Choicebook™ Demo – “Speak Up For Change!”
Monday, December 12th, 2011

One online engagement tool that we put to use on a regular basis is something called a “Choicebook”, an innovative public participation tool that provides participants with the key facts, perspectives and arguments needed to make an informed choice about a given issue. With the necessary information at the tips of their fingers, participants are guided through a series of scenarios, and are asked to provide their ideas, perspectives and priorities, through a combination of open- and close-ended questions.

Our Choicebook™ tool can be hosted on a stand-alone consultation website, or launched from an invitation e-mail. We can even embed the tool within Facebook, to take engagement where possible participants are already converging on social media.

One Choicebook that we’re particularly proud of us was part of a project that we recently profiled on our website. Back in the summer of 2009, when climate change was on the top of Canadians’ minds in the run-up to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Ascentum partnered with Apathy is Boring, a Montreal-based non-profit with a mission to use art and technology to educate youth about democracy, to engage Canadian youth on the issues of energy use and climate change.  This partnership brought “Speak up for Change!” to life.

The Speak Up! Choicebook™ created for this website was embedded into Facebook, allowing for an ongoing dialogue to take place on the ‘wall’ of the project page. It included flash animation and audio prompts to create an innovative and engaging consultation experience.

Click here to visit the “Speak Up for Change!” Choicebook

Contact us to discuss whether a Choicebook is the right tool for you and your organization’s needs.

-Stephan Telka-

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