August 17, 2011 – Berkeley, CA

IdeaScale and Ascentum are pleased to announce that Ascentum is officially the Global Lead for IdeaScale Professional Services. IdeaScale provides cloud-based access to its innovative ideation and feedback software services. Ascentum delivers excellence in professional services in areas of employee engagement, customer feedback, community management and public participation.

“We know that our customers will continue to benefit from Ascentum’s outstanding service and wealth of experience,” said Robert Hoehn, President of IdeaScale. “Our focus at IdeaScale is building outstanding software to meet our client needs. Ascentum complements us by ensuring turnkey services are available to all our client needs,” announced Hoehn.

“IdeaScale is best of breed in Ideation,” said Joseph Peters, Partner and Co-Founder of Ascentum. “We love what IdeaScale can provide any type of organization. From small business to multinational, from government to not-for-profit, IdeaScale enables feedback and fosters innovation.”

Ascentum and IdeaScale now have presences across North America. “We are excited to share an office with IdeaScale in California, said Robert Mariani, Partner and Co-Founder of Ascentum. “Being in the same office takes our collaboration to a new level. We now have both our fingers on the pulse of our clients needs at the same time.”

Additional information on IdeaScale can be found at Please watch our Ascentum blog, twitter feed or facebook page for new developments in our partnership.


For more information, follow-up or to schedule an interview contact:

Joe Peters
30 Rosemount Avenue,Suite 300
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 1P4

Rob Hoehn
IdeaScale LLC
93 S. Jackson St #14277
Seattle, WA, 98104
+1 (206) 395-4513

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