Stakeholder Relations

As decision making becomes increasingly complex, working and collaborating with stakeholders and communities of interest has never been more important. Stakeholders and greater communities can provide valuable insights and experiences to complement an organization’s knowledge. Engaging them leads to more collaborative relationships and, ultimately, more sustainable decisions.

Stakeholder Relations: Our approach begins with mapping out stakeholders – individuals, groups and organizations with direct or indirect stakes in an organization – according to the level of impact that an organization’s actions, objectives and policies can have. We then work to prioritize them by their attributes and their relationship to a given issue. Ascentum works with our clients to bring clarity to interactions with stakeholders, helping with the short-term and long-term management of stakeholder relationships.

Community Relations: Ascentum helps our client develop a community of interest in your organization, through campaigns, communications, consultation and collaboration.

Stakeholder and Community Relations Service Offerings

Ascentum’s full range of stakeholder and community relations skills and services can be integrated to provide a customized engagement approach that meets your specific needs. These include:

Strategy and Planning

In Person


Social Media

Reporting and Analysis


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