Social Media Participation

Ascentum provides excellence and innovation in Public Participation, Stakeholder and Community Relations, and Employee Engagement. Our unique approach combines a complementary mix of in-person, online and social media participation to achieve your organization’s needs.

Social media has a lot of hype. Whether your organization is in business, government or not-for profit, you have to cut through the hype. The key to understanding social media, is understanding six key areas and how they relate to your organization: relationships, community, content, information, collaboration and potential.

Social media has changed the way that organizations interact with their clients, stakeholders and the public at large. Target audiences are too limiting a concept – with social media think beyond to target communities. The development of content and the dissemination of information is easy with social media. The opportunities to collaborate with your target communities are endless and the potential to engage those that matter most to your organization is unparalleled.

Ascentum can help your organization navigate through the hype of social media. We’ll put social media to work for you.

Our Social Media
Service Offerings:

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