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Friday, December 17th, 2010

Here are just some the Twitter posts and links that we’d like to pass on from this week.  You can find us on Twitter at

  • New Ascentum blog post: Adding the right images to your engagement website (so people don’t ignore them!)
  • Resources: Tools for the institutionalization of public engagement (PDF) #edem (Retweet from @participatory)
  • Resources: 24 ways to keep your blog interesting to you and your readers (Retweet from @GovNewMedia)
  • Resources: Nice blog! This is a nice model for #engagement sites, too. “Landing Pages: A Great Infographic” (RT @scottica)
  • @ascentum news: @elliswestwood Briefing Management at the Public Health Agency of Canada this am. Exciting online/social media #engagement on obesity to come in 2011!
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