@ascentum tweets of the week
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Here are just some the Twitter posts and links that we’d like to pass on from this week.  You can find us on Twitter at

  • Resource: Everyone bookmark this! RT @nonlinear_tweet: RT @DoctorJones: New Canadians stats on social media usage.
  • Case Study:Local Practices in Online Engagement” from US National League of Cities #municipal #engagement
  • Fun: Demo of our voting keypads = fun analysis of icebreaker questions on people’s favourite royal couple / gender!
  • @Ascentum News: Doing a demo of our voting keypads at GoC with “Who’s your favourite Royal couple?” as an icebreaker. Interested to see results by gender!
  • Resource: Canadian Medical Ass. Journal: The Need for Public Engagement in Choosing Health Priorities
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