The Big Picture: Facebook vs USA
Thursday, April 15th, 2010

How does real population in the US compare to the Facebook population in the US?  There is a great infographic from Mashable that paints a very interesting picture of the differences.   At the highest level 38% of the US population has an active facebook account.  It is actually pretty much the same in Canada too (12.7 million/33.9 million).

The population growth shouldn’t be a surprise at almost 300% last year.  The age breakdown is a little different but there are a lot of children missing and facebook is demographically ageist with no specifications for 65+.  The city stats are interesting too.  New York seems surprisingly low as a proportion based on their legendary iphone challenges but Philly and Dallas are rapidly approaching complete penetration.

You make your own call, but clearly the numbers can no longer be ignored.  Combine this with a recent assessment that a facebook fan has been valued at $3.60 each means that PM’s facebook page is worth $114,080 (31,689 fans).  How do you account for that in your Elections Canada campaign expenses!?

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