Our Health. Our Perspectives. Our Solutions.
Friday, March 19th, 2010

Ascentum is pleased to be assisting the New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) in its first province-wide citizen engagement initiative, entitled ‘Our Health. Our Perspectives. Our Solutions.’ Manon and I are particularly pleased to be working on this project in our home province! ☺

Engaging citizens in meaningful dialogue is a core element of the NBHC’s mandate, which states that, “New Brunswickers have a right to be aware of the decisions being made, to be part of the decision-making process, and to be aware of the outcomes delivered by the health system and its cost.”

The team over at NBHC is great to work with as they clearly embody this mandate. They have brought Ascentum on to ensure the engagement process is appropriate and results in meaningful feedback that will ultimately inform the NBHC’s recommendations to improve health services.

The first of 4 dialogues in Phase I kicked off last weekend in Moncton, and will be circling the province to Bathurst, Edmundston and Saint John. Phase I focuses on exploring the perspectives and concerns of citizens with respect to the current state of New Brunswick’s health system.

Phase II dialogues will take place in the same four locations – the four corners of the province – and will shift to looking to the future, to envision the kind of health care system New Brunswickers want to have, and identify possible solutions to the challenges identified in Phase I.

Finally, the engagement initiative will culminate in a provincial dialogue to be held in Fredericton in June, which will bring together participants from all 4 locations in Phase I and II. This Phase III dialogue will identify shared priorities and elements of a common vision that will inform and guide the NBHC in its recommendations to the health system partners.

You can learn more about this citizen engagement initiative, and access the Conversation Guide, by visiting the NBHC website:

Stay tuned as this exciting project unfolds…

– Nicole Pollack –

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