Building the Business Case For Social Media
Friday, December 4th, 2009

Social media is here.  There are 100s of millions of users worldwide and a strong majority of our population actively uses social media.  This is in our own backyard.  Regardless of the stats, senior management in business, government, and not-for-profits still need to be convinced.  Those with a more substantive understanding of social media know that it’s long past the status of “just for the kids.”

Some organizations have already taken the plunge with great success, like Honda or the Centres for Disease Control. Other organizations closer to home, like the Public Health Agency of Canada and Veterans Affairs, have taken positive steps forward.  Regardless, the case still needs to be made for those islands of business and government that continue to remain isolated from social media.

It might be nice to think that there is one magic formula that can be used to convince organizational leadership that social media needs to be more than just on their long-range radar.  Organizational culture and dynamics demand us to put the need in the specific context and reality of the organization.  I have attached a link to a blog by Amber Naslund (thanks to Tim for sharing) that puts a list of 20 questions to consider in “making the case.”  It’s not perfect but it provides some good food for thought.

Also, don’t forget our social media video.  It is a cornucopia of stats that may still be surprising to some.

Here is the link:

I hope that you find this helpful.


PS – Manon and I are chairing/presenting at the 5th Annual Managing Public Consultations course in Ottawa on Dec 7th and 8th.  We’ll make sure to post our presentations.

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  1. Joe Peters says:

    Just one little postscript. Logging into facebook today there was a message from Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of facebook, that they have reached 350 million users. That is a pretty broad reach. Add that to the business case!

  2. Graham Lowe says:

    Hi Joe – thanks for staying out front of this technologiy. Can you and your team help me market my new book, due out in April 2010, using social media? Graham

  3. Joe Peters says:

    We sure can Graham! I will be in touch soon. Joe